How To Tow A Trailer: Tips For Your First Time


How to tow a trailer — It can be a bit scary getting behind the wheel with something in tow for the first time. Don’t worry. That’s natural. It is a big adjustment. For your first time towing a trailer, [...]

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Tips For Towing A Trailer


Not everyone is cut out to be the driver of a vehicle that is towing a trailer. It can be a difficult job and a big adjustment from driving your average vehicle with nothing in tow. If you've got it, [...]

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Gooseneck Hitch VS 5th Wheel


If you have wondered what the difference is between a gooseneck hitch and a 5th wheel hitch, you are not alone. It is not easy to sort through all of the different options and what might be the best for [...]

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What is a gooseneck hitch used for? Our gooseneck hitches are designed to be used with a pickup truck. This is similar to a fifth wheel. What is the difference between a gooseneck and fifth wheel? The difference between a [...]


Welcome To T Built Products!


T Built Products is family-owned and operated. We provide the best quality gooseneck adapters at affordable prices. We’re going to be adding lots of great content to our website and that includes this blog! Here you'll be able to find [...]

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