What is a gooseneck hitch used for? Our gooseneck hitches are designed to be used with a pickup truck. This is similar to a fifth wheel.

What is the difference between a gooseneck and fifth wheel? The difference between a gooseneck and fifth wheel is that a gooseneck requires a ball and coupler instead of a kingpin with pin receiver.

What are the common uses for gooseneck hitches? Horse trailers are usually the main trailers that use gooseneck hitches.

What is best for towing a heavy load? In some cases, a traditional hitch isn’t a good fit for pulling your load. A gooseneck hitch is a better option when you need to hook up a big trailer to your truck in a more central location. This enables you to handle a larger load than you would otherwise. A gooseneck hitch will allow for a heavier trailer than a fifth wheel. Just remember to check the towing capacity of your truck and trailer before hitting the road!

What is the cost of gooseneck vs fifth-wheel? The trailer hitch required for a fifth-wheel is usually quite a bit more costly than a gooseneck hitch.

How do they impact the space in your bed? A gooseneck hitch will take up a small amount of space when it is not in use. A fifth-wheel has a big impact on the available space in your bed.

What size hitch do I need? To figure the height you need, back your truck under your camper and lower the camper to the desired height from your bed (6-8 inches from the edge of your bed to the camper is recommended). Then measure from the top of the ball to the flat part of the king pin box and match to the measurements below to find the right fit for your setup.

12″ Adapter Hitch – Height from top of ball to top of mounting plate is 11 inches. 15″ Adapter Hitch – Height from top of ball to top of mounting plate is 14 inches. 17″ Adapter Hitch – Height from top of ball to top of mounting plate is 16 inches.

How do you install your hitches? We have some very helpful installation instructions for all of the hitches that we offer. Check them out here if you need assistance.

Gooseneck or fifth-wheel? Which is better? This depends on what you will be towing. Fifth-wheels will give you a smoother ride which is better for recreational towing. Gooseneck hitches are popular because of the design that is non-invasive and is better for commercial towing and farming.

Can I pull a gooseneck with a short bed truck? A short bed truck is one situation that a gooseneck is not a good idea.

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