The first thing you will notice is this hitch does not attach to the kingpin of the camper. Our adapter attaches to the entire fifth wheel plate, thus distributing the weight evenly as well as strengthening the plate that the kingpin is attached to (rather than pulling on the kingpin as a way of attaching a hitch). This allows the adapter to strengthen the kingpin box while distributing the weight across the entire base plate.

The first thing you’ll need to look at is the length of your kingpin box. If it is over 30” you might want to consider extra supports or gussets to strengthen the extra extension of your kingpin box as the adapter will put extra leverage on it. If you have purchased a Forward Hitch – you’ll also want to calculate the extra extension and how it will affect your turning radius in regards to how the kingpin box could come in contact with the bedside of your truck.

If you have a Closed Kingpin Box as opposed to an Open Kingpin Box you will need to follow the extra steps found below.

This adapter hitch can be welded to the kingpin box at the owners’ discretion.

Open Kingpin Box Installation Instructions

  1. The base plate of the adapter hitch is 10” x 12”, the first step is to decide which side works best with your fifth wheel pin box, generally the 10” side should face forward.
  2. If the camper has a lube plate around the kingpin remove it so the adapter can fix securely to the kingpin box. It is best to dry fit the adapter hitch over the kingpin as to mark the location of the 4 holes that will need to be drilled into the kingpin box to allow the adapter to bolt to the kingpin box.
  3. Use the bolt pattern below to measure the placement of the needed holes. You can draw it out on poster board and use that to center punch the start points.
  4. Drill 4, 3/4” holes into the fifth wheel pin box large enough to receive the provided bolts. It is a good idea is to drill the first hole and attach the hitch with one bolt to double check the location of the other holes before drilling the remaining three holes. It is possible to drill the remaining three holes with the hitch in place on the camper.
  5. Once installed snug all the bolts then torque to 275-foot pounds.
  6. Check bolts after the first 50 miles of travel, then again after 200 miles. Periodical checks should be made to inspect the adapter and latch. As well as the kingpin box also.

Closed Kingpin Box Installation Instructions

  1. If you cannot access the inside of the kingpin box you will need to use a hole saw to gain access to the top of the kingpin plate to allow you to tighten the bolts. These access holes could be on the side or top depending on your model, the placement of where to drill the access holes must be decided after looking at the placement of the attachment drill holes.
  2. A 1 and ¾” hole saw should give you the required space to get a wrench or socket wrench through the hole to tighten the bolts. Check the size of your tools first to make sure they will fit through the hole before you drill it.
  3. After installation is complete use the provided caps to plug the holes from the hole saw.

Remote Release Cable Installation

Mount L bracket to the desired location on the camper. Be aware that it should be mounted in a location as to avoid coming in contact with the bed of the truck. Mount leaving the larger hole facing down to allow for the cable to be fed through it later.

Next, run the loose end of the cable from the outside of the L bracket through the eyelet welded to the top plate of the hitch and then down through the hole in the release handle. At this point, the black cable handle should be flush with the outside of the L bracket as to be accessed by standing outside of the truck bed.

Pull all the excess slack through the handle of the release lever making sure the black handle of the cable is seated against the L bracket. Once the cable is snug make a tight loop back to itself and attach using the C-clamp to secure it.

To check to see if the cable is it the right length pull the handle until the stop on the cable comes through the L bracket and is seated in the open position. Then trim the excess cable.


Adjustable Hitch

If you have purchased the adjustable hitch it can be adjusted to make a 17”, 15” and all the way down to a 12” down pipe. To set it to 15” slide the down pipe out and put the 3” supplied pipe spacer inside of the larger tube and then slide the down tube with the coupler all the way up until it fits snug up against the spacer. Then torque the two bolts to 175 foot pounds. To achieve the 17’ height follow all the same instructions as the 15” but install both the 2” and 3” spacers. The pipes are made to fit very snug. You might need to use a mallet to extend the hitch. If needed tap lightly rotating around the coupler to allow the pipe to slide out evenly.

DO NOT EXTEND HITCH BEYOND 17 INCHES. Bolt Pattern is not to scale Maintenance

  • Oil pivot point with SAE 30 wt. Motor oil
  • Grease ball pocket and zerk (zerk is only on remote release models)
  • Inspect retaining pin and replace if necessary Warning
  • This is a custom build product and the owner assumes all liability for its use and application. Please check with the manufacturer of your equipment prior to installation and use.